Clean Home, Clean Environment


Most Kiwis will agree we can’t afford to take New Zealand’s clean, green environment for granted.

That’s why we have partnered with Trees That Count, to plant native trees for every TUBÒ Central Vacuum System sold. We chose the Trees That Count initiative as it aligns closely with core values of our Italian supplier, Aertecnica.

Aertecnica ‘thinks clean’, to improve well-being and look optimistically towards a healthier future.

logo-aboutThey aim for cleaner, healthier homes and workplaces, using modern technology that respects the environment we live in.

Because of this they have acquired ISO 14001 company and environmental certification.

The number of trees we gift, will depend on what vacuum unit is chosen to go into the central vacuum system.

When you purchase a TUBÒ Central Vacuum System, simply nominate a region in New Zealand where you want the trees planted, and receive a Certificate from Trees That Count acknowledging your donation.

Your trees will be recorded on the Tubo page on Trees That Count, so your friends and family can see the legacy that future generations of New Zealanders will be able to enjoy.

Trees That Count has a ‘Committed to Climate’ programme, which recognises businesses that are dedicated to mitigating the effects of climate change by funding native trees.

Any business that reaches the tiers below will be automatically gifted a Committed to Climate mark. So, help us to gift 500 trees to Trees That Count so that we can reach the Kahurangi mark, move on to the Hiriwa mark and ultimately, achieve the Kowhai mark. We’re dedicated to cleaner homes, and a cleaner environment, together.

This table details the number of trees we will donate on your behalf

Calculate how much carbon your Tubò central vacuum system can offset by using the Trees That Count calculator

Try the calculator
The Perfetto Inox TXA range 15
The Perfetto TPA range 14
The Perfetto TP range 13
The Classic TC range 12
The QB Built-in/ wall-mounted range 11
The Studio TS range 10
The TUBÒ TR800 vacuum / mop robot 5

Committed to Climate Tiers

There are three Committed to Climate Tiers – each with their own colour.


Fund 500 to  2000 trees and this mark will make your commitment to sustainability shine like our treasured and brilliant blue lakes.


Fund 2000 to 10,000 trees and you’ll receive this mark, reminding us of the hiriwa (silver) colour, and the sense of national pride represented in our beautiful native ponga.


Fund 10,000 or more trees and you’ll get this mark, its golden hue reminding us of the glorious flowers of the Kowhai tree representing the precious investment made towards  New Zealand’s environment.

We have started the process by purchasing 80 trees.

These will be planted in the Hawke’s Bay. Check on our progress here or on the Trees That Count website.

The benefits of native trees is  wide reaching and it’s easy to support Trees That Count in making a difference in New Zealand.