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With the aim to secure you the best possible unit whether it be for a new build, retro-fit or trade in – we are helping you spread the financial load. We’ve partnered with Gilrose Finance and this means you can purchase your desired unit and pay it off over a period of time. Gilrose Finance offers interest-free solutions, interest-bearing solutions and a combination thereof, depending on what would work best for you and your financial situation.

Once your application is processed, the average turnaround time for a reviewed application is about 15 minutes from the time Gilrose Finance receive the application.

Don’t delay, apply for finance and get that central vacuum system installed.

Gilrose Finance


Provided the TUBÒ power unit has bi-annual servicing from the date of purchase, the power unit comes with a five (5) year warranty against defects in parts, materials or workmanship. During this period, TUBÒ will repair or replace defective parts with new or reconditioned parts at TUBÒ option, without charge to you. Contact us for more information and a full warranty.


How do I clean the filter of the central vacuum system?2018-03-23T10:40:58+00:00

The TUBÒ central vacuum systems are fitted with a filter cartridge blockage detector. The central unit WARNS OF AN ANOMALY when the filter cartridge is near maximum absorption (yellow light blinking on the indicator panel). In this case you can continue using the central vacuum system but we RECOMMEND cleaning the cartridge. If the central vacuum unit frequently indicates this anomaly you must change the filter cartridge.

Who should I contact for technical problems with the TUBÒ system?2018-03-23T10:40:41+00:00

Email the TUBÒ service centre on and they will respond to your query. They are well-known for their efficiency and reliability.

What type of accessories are there for my TUBÒ system?2018-03-23T10:40:31+00:00

There’s a wide range of accessories including various types of flexible hoses, brushes and sockets to adapt to your different furnishing requirements.

Do I need a vacuum socket in every room?2018-03-23T10:40:16+00:00

It depends on how big the rooms are; with one socket you can cover roughly 25/30 m² so it’s quite simple to calculate the number of sockets you need. Another way to calculate the number of sockets is as follows: knowing that the cleaning hose is roughly 7 metres long, if the sockets are installed at point x (corridor, entrance etc.), you can see where the hose will reach and determine the number of sockets required to cover the entire apartment or house.

Where can I install the TUBÒ system?2018-03-23T10:40:07+00:00

The central unit of the TUBÒ system is situated in a separate environment, far from the rooms we live in, for example on an outside patio or in a garage etc. This lets you use the system at any time because it’s totally silent

How can I find a TUBÒ agent or installer near me?2018-03-23T10:39:54+00:00

You can send an e-mail with your request to

What will it cost for a TUBÒ central vacuum system?2018-03-23T10:39:43+00:00

This will depend on a number of factors such as; the floor area of your property and how many inlets will be required, what power unit you want, and what accessories you may also require. We will look at all the options with you and provide you with the best solution that meets your needs and budget. Usually 50% is paid prior to the ducting being installed and the final 50% prior to the TUBÒ power unit and accessories being installed

What happens if something goes wrong?2018-03-23T10:39:29+00:00

Just email us and we will contact you and arrange a convenient time to come and check your system. If it is a warranty issue on the power unit, parts and labour are free. If it is a wear and tear issue on the power unit or ducting, or a case of in appropriate use, or you have undertaken your own repairs, any parts or labour will be at your cost. If you follow our ͞how to use training guidelines͟, your machine should only require a bi-annual service.

How will we know how to use our TUBÒ central vacuum system?2018-03-23T10:39:18+00:00

When you are ready, we will complete the installation of your TUBÒ central vacuum system and check that it is working correctly. We will then give you a comprehensive training session on how to operate and care for your TUBÒ central vacuum system and accessories (if any).

What power unit will I need?2018-03-23T10:39:08+00:00

We have the TXA, TPA, TP and TC Lines, each with four models as well as the Studio Line which has three models and the QB (internal and external) models. The size of your home will be the major deciding factor, but there are a number of other options for you to consider when deciding which model best suits, you. We will guide you through this process.

Can a TUBÒ central vacuum system be installed in to an existing home?2018-03-23T10:38:58+00:00

The short answer is yes, but we would need to visit you at your home to discuss how the ducting will be installed and where you want the inlets before being able to give you a price.

When do you install our TUBÒ central vacuum system?2018-03-23T10:38:48+00:00

We install the ducting as soon as the building is totally enclosed and secure and ideally before any other trades have started their work. We will meet with you on-site and discuss the final location of the inlets. The inlet cover plate and the power unit are not installed until all the other trades have finished their work and you are about to move in

We want to build a new house. When should we approach you to discuss a TUBÒ central vacuum system?2018-03-23T10:38:37+00:00

Ideally we need to talk with you (and your architect and builder) when you are working on the design of your new home or commercial property.

Can I install the TUBÒ central vacuum system on my own?2018-03-23T10:38:20+00:00

It’s better not to. But if you’re used to using a pipe cutter, glue and take your time, why not? The most important thing to remember is that pipes, elbows, and fitting must be of the right type for the vacuum cleaner system, because any step, angled cut or wrong gluing, or even worse choosing the wrong kind of material, can compromise the desired results with a resulting waste of time and money. You will probably be better off calling in a professional installer.

Who installs my TUBÒ central vacuum system?2018-03-23T10:38:26+00:00

The TUBÒ central vacuum system is installed by a trained and qualified installer.

What sort of surfaces can you use the system on?2018-03-23T10:38:10+00:00

On all surfaces, using the right brushes. For example, for wood you use the brush that doesn’t scratch; for hard floors, the brush with soft bristles. There is a wide variety of brushes for various uses.

Can the TUBÒ system get blocked?2018-03-23T10:37:17+00:00

It’s very difficult for the system to get blocked because to use the system you have to insert the hose in a socket that has an inlet set at 90° so this acts as a safety system stopping “big” bodies from getting into the pipes. Cleaning with the classic hose, the diameter is quite small (roughly 30 mm) allowing only very small materials to pass.

What is the liquid separator?2018-03-23T10:37:08+00:00

The liquid separator is an accessory that is used when you want to clean water or ashes or very fine material you don’t want to get into the pipes of the vacuum cleaning system. These substances are “separated” by this accessory.

Can I suck liquids with the TUBÒ system?2018-03-23T10:37:00+00:00

Not directly, to do this you should use the special “LIQUID SEPARATOR”. This accessory goes between the vacuum socket and the flexible hose so that liquids are separated from the air and don’t enter the fixed pipes. When it is full a safety ball cock stops the suction.

What can I clean?2018-03-23T10:36:33+00:00

With the TUBÒ system you can vacuum dust, small debris, any dry material you could normally find in the home and which you bring home during the day. Obviously, the diameter of the objects to pick up mustn’t be too big to avoid the risk of blocking the pipes. As for liquids however, these must be cleaned using the relevant accessory: the liquid separator. Sucking water and dust at the same time without using this accessory can cause problems and block the pipes and therefore the flow of the dust to the central unit.

Is the TUBÒ system noisy?2018-03-23T10:36:16+00:00

No, it’s not noisy as the central unit is in a separate room from the rest of the home. So you don’t hear the motor running and you can clean the rooms in complete silence. This lets you do the cleaning in the evening or at night, when a normal noisy vacuum cleaner couldn’t be used

Is the TUBÒ central vacuum system suitable for someone suffering from allergies?2018-03-23T10:36:06+00:00

One of the biggest differences between traditional vacuum cleaners and central vacuum systems lies in recycling the dust. In fact, while the first blows the dust back into the atmosphere, the second removes it totally, transporting it through pipes from the room where it is collected in to the central unit, therefore guaranteeing total cleanliness of the environment and efficiently removing bed bugs and particles of micro-dust. Inside the central unit the dust is filtered by special polyester filters, then the clean air is blown out. The dust doesn’t come into contact with the user.

Can the TUBÒ central vacuum system used for commercial properties?2018-03-28T05:42:11+00:00

Yes, the TUBÒ system is so simple and flexible it can be used by several operators at the same time. So, it’s perfect for cleaning not only houses and apartments, but also large buildings and environments like hotels, offices, community centres, rehab centres, hospitals, etc.

Where does my TUBÒ central vacuum system come from?2018-03-23T10:35:45+00:00

The TUBÒ central vacuum system is designed and manufactured by Italian company Aertecnica who are located in Cesena (FC), in the heart of Romagna and is imported in to New Zealand by New Zealand Central Vacuum Systems Limited, who are based in the sunny Hawkes Bay. ͞Aertecnica is a market leader in Italy. Over the years Aertecnica has followed a path of progressive development, becoming a market leader by offering ever increasingly advanced solutions. Aertecnica is the first company in its sector to have acquired both ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 COMPANY and ENVIRONMENTAL certification. This commitment is an extension of their environmental values. They aim to improve the quality of air in our rooms, to protect peoples’ health (increasingly threatened by allergies and respiratory problems) and improve peoples’ well-being: this is what Aertecnica aims to achieve when designing its systems. The company continues to grow in a way that is both environmentally friendly and respectful of their employees͟.

How does TUBÒ work?2018-03-23T10:35:35+00:00

TUBÒ is as simple as it is practical and original: the flexible hose is inserted in sockets in the walls of the various rooms of the home and the dust collected disappears ͞behind the wall͟, piped into a central unit situated in a separate environment, far from the rooms we live in. No old vacuum cleaner dragged around the house looking for suitable power points, no more stress with extension leads that aren’t long enough and knocking against doors and furniture. Now every room can have its fitting, where you can insert the flexible hose with the most suitable accessory or brush for the type of surface to clean.

What is TUBÒ?2018-03-23T10:35:26+00:00

TUBÒ is an innovative system for cleaning environments that improves the quality of the air we breathe. Unlike a normal portable vacuum cleaner, TUBÒ uses vacuum sockets and pipes inserted in the walls that suck up the dust and take it to a central unit situated in a separate room, far from the room we are cleaning to remove mites and micro-dust perfectly and silently, leaving the air in the home a real pleasure to breathe.



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Machine Maintenance

The TUBÒ central vacuum systems are fitted with a cartridge blockage detector. The central unit warns of an anomaly when the filter cartridge is near the maximum absorption (yellow light blinking on the indicator panel). In this case, you can continue using the unit but we recommend cleaning the cartridge. If the central vacuum unit frequently indicates this anomaly you must change the filter cartridge.

Cleaning the filter

  • Wash the filter cartridge in the sink under a slow jet of water
  • Let the cartridge dry away from heat and direct sunlight
  • Check it is not torn, otherwise replace it
  • Before proceeding we recommend wearing personal protective clothing
  • We recommend keeping an original filter cartridge on hand as a spare


  • The central unit must not be started without the filter cartridge in place
  • The non-observance of this rule can damage the suction of the turbine
  • Only use TUBÒ products

Replacing the dust bag

Thanks to the handle system, replacing the Clean Bag is fast and
easy and above all 100% hygienic, providing the user with a
hermetic closure that avoids all contact with dust (Classic TC line